Your guide to surviving 

Make sure you’re eating carbs and stay hydrated.


Getting Started

Walking is something so many of us take for granted, most do it every day, how many go hiking on rough, undulating terrain? So it’s important that you train for each walk – Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

Look after your Feet

We will strongly recommend buying a pair of excellent quality hiking boots, these should be waterproof, offer great support for your ankle. A stiff heel and a reasonably high ankle support to give a greater lateral support, to ease you up the mountains. Look at what people wear that do this same thing daily – the British Army, Police and Mountain Rescue

Slow and steady

The length and gradient of your first walk depends on how fit you really are. The best approach is to start slowly and build up over time. Your muscles and joints will take time to adjust to the new activity. Avoid overdoing it on your first few trips out, starting slowly and building up will greatly reduce the risk of injury.

Your Training Plan

Below is your training program, week by week, pushing yourself on a steady course to success!

During the training program you can use a treadmill increasing the incline as the weeks go on, try and get up to the highest incline that you can on the treadmill as quick as you can. Keep a record of how many miles you do within the 30 mins walk and try and beat over the course of the weeks. 

Gluteus and Leg exercises should consist with of some stepper work, either on a steps machine or just walking up and down stairs. The stronger your bum is the more power you will have to get up the mountains! 

If you would like us to write a personalised training program for you then get in touch and let us know HERE.

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