Twelve Days Of Fitness


Thank you for registering for the 12 Days of Fitness Event beginning on 25th December.

What to Expect
  • 12 fitness challenges will be issued by 07:00 each day on our Facebook Page so make sure you check in each day!
  • Each day there will be an explanation of the challenge and a link to a YouTube video to demonstrate how to do it correctly.
  • If any of the challenges are unsuitable for you due to prior injury or risk of injury, either choose an easier variation of the challenge, or repeat a challenge already set.
  • Like the song goes... on the second day you will complete the day one AND day two challenge.
  • So by the 12th day you will be doing all 12 challenges.
  • Prizes will be awarded for daily photo's and video's and blogs of challenges being completed, eg, was it hard or easy to do, or easy to do but hard because the dog kept getting in your way?, hard to do in the early days but getting easier as times goes on? etc.
1st Place
£50.00 + JK HOODIE
2nd Place
£25.00 + JK HOODIE
3rd Place
Our FaceBook page will be opened to allow posting on 25th December. Simply type your daily posts and upload your photo's and video's as you might normally on FaceBook, (keep it nice please!).